Millennials are Hunting Artists for Sport!

the ShooteningSome are calling it ‘The Hungry Artist Games’, others are calling it the ‘Art-pocalyspe’ – either way, the carnage that millennials are carrying out against artists really says ‘f*ck the Wall Street bureaucrats who destroyed the economy!’ Originating from a message posted on a collective work of art on Reddit, more than 3,000 artists have been hunted down and slaughtered in the past four days.

Millennials from all across the country are participating in the “Games”. “I’ve found shooting at artists to be a really cathartic act in today’s social and political climate,” said Mallie McDaniel of Bridgeport, Connecticut (pictured). “Not only is it fun, but it prevents artists from creating more artwork for the one-percenters to buy for millions of dollars in their pissing contests.”

And though millennials are angry at the economy and artists are literally being killed, it is perhaps the galleries and auction houses that have been hit the hardest. “First they ruined the bar soap industry, then they refuse to buy diamonds, and now millennials are setting their sights on ANY GODDAMN ARTIST THEY CAN FIND!”, said Daniel Fritchmann of Fritchmann & Steiner Gallery in New York. “Where am I supposed to get artwork from now? I have millionaires hungry for new art and no art to feed them!” -CQ

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