Frustrated Poseidon Floods Venice Biennale


VENICE – Seafaring art-lovers – tremble in fear! For Poseidon, God of the Sea, has unleashed his wrath upon the Venice Biennale!  “All this art is crap!” the god boomed in a tempestuous press conference this morning. “I remember when all the artwork in the Roman Empire was worthwhile and made me and my bros look super smexy.” The God Poseidon, Praises to His Name, brought down the rains and floods most harshly upon the work of Damien Hirst. ” He sculpts me and my people and kingdom like a diseased, fractured past, but we are HERE and we are WET and WE ARE STRONG!”

Florentine locals, used to periodic flooding, were unperturbed by the God’s rage. “We’ve learned over the centuries that if your art can’t handle a little moisture, it’s probably not that important.” -CQ

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