Can Only Dragons With Ancient Treasure Afford to Work in the Art World?


It’s hard these days not to hear about income inequality, a problem which affects some job markets harder than others. The art world takes a precarious perch in this problem as most artists, galleries and nonprofits rely on wealthy collectors and donors for their operations. And on top of that, entry level jobs in these sectors thus often don’t pay very well. So who can afford to tough the poverty for years while working up the pay ladder?

Dragons. Dragons with shit tons of gold.

You might think the answer would be the children of wealthy humans, especially the children of those wealthy humans who buy art and donate money to museums. But no. Those children, you see, are the fattest and most plump and dragons are more than happy to devour them to eliminate their competition for the most coveted jobs.

So how do we solve this problem? It would probably help to hire a burglar, one who is small and can go unnoticed if they so wish. That burglar can then steal all the gold from the dragons, removing their excessive wealth. Or perhaps the burglar should give all the dragon’s treasure to a museum, since it all probably belongs in one anyway. -CQ

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