Evil museum development manager ensnares unsuspecting millionaire


NEW YORK CITY – After setting up a genius yet malicious trap of filled with cocktail parties, tax breaks, and congratulatory pats on the back, Melinda Shortstrodder of MoMA ensnared yet another unsuspecting millionaire from whom to leach funding for the Museum’s festering art initiatives. “Millionaires are such easy targets because they are rich enough to be worth my time, but they tend to be reckless in their attempts to display excess wealth,” she says. ” It’s so easy to trick them into thinking that anyone cares if a gallery is named after them or that an artwork was donated in their name. And once you say ‘tax break’, they just can’t help themselves.” Shortstrodder’s latest victim is Mailee Phillips, CEO of Visioncorps Technologies, who thinks that her donation of $120,000 to create yet another documentary and accompanying catalogue of Mark Rothko’s works is a valuable and needed contribution to our shared culture. -CQ

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