Area man convinced he will use museum membership more than once


SEATTLE, WA – Last evening, after reading a brochure about the many many perks of museum membership at the Seattle Art Museum, Johnathan Costella convinced himself that he would use it more than once. “I really like art, so I think I could spend a lot of time here. And if I get the premium membership, I can bring someone with me #GreatDateIdea!” He also expressed excitement about the reciprocal membership with other local museums and the ten-percent discount in the museum store, neither of which he will ever use because he doesn’t go out much and only shops online.

This is one in a string of money-draining memberships Costella has purchased without using. He has had a membership with the Seattle Athletic Club since 2009, which he has used a total of seven times, usually for New Year’s resolutions or after harsh breakups. He also has a membership with American Airlines he thought he would use if he ever got off his butt to actually visit his parents. -CQ

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