Report: Egypt running out of room to store all the crap they keep digging up


CAIRO – Museum registrars across Egypt are becoming increasingly frustrated over the influx of new and interesting antiquities archaeologists keep digging up. “We don’t have room for all this crap!” said Sara Ahmed at the Cairo Museum. “I only have so much shelf space at the museum, but these archaeologists absolutely refuse to leave anything in the ground. There is so much storage space in the ground! Just leave it!” Registrars began to organize protests last week after Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities uncovered a 26-foot tall quartzite statue of King Psammetich I, who ruled Egypt from 664 to 610 BC, in a Cairo slum. Chants of ‘Give us storage or put it back’ and ‘it was fine for 3,000 years it will be fine a bit longer’ could be heard throughout the Cairo cultural district. “We just want Egyptologists to think of others when they’re advancing their field,” said a Museum intern. “While they’re getting all the glory, we have to clean up their mess. It’s exhausing.” -CQ

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