Nazi-Looted Artworks Found Inside Magic Pocket Where Fairy Godmother Keeps Magic Wand 

Fairy Godmother ThiefPARIS- Authorities in France have arrested the Fairy Godmother under charges of knowingly withholding Nazi-looted artwork. French special police say the fairy has been hiding artworks by Renoir, Monet, and Delacroix in her magic-wand-pocket since well before her first movie appearance in 1950. “The evidence against the Fairy Godmother has been in plain sight for years, but no one has noticed,” said Guy Durand of the French National Police. “There are several frames in the Disney Cinderella films where artworks almost fall out of her pocket. Other times, the looted artwork has been used as props on the film sets.” The Godmother has been sent to the French National Prison to await trial. “I have confiscated her magic wand,”said Lady Tremaine, warden of the prison,”to make sure she cannot use her magic powers to escape justice.” -CQ

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