Insult to Injury: Bull-Rights Activists Further Insulted by “Fearless Girl” Sculpture

Fearless Girl by Kristen Visbal
NEW YORK – Bull-rights activists say they are tired of all the B.S. Last week on International Women’s Day, a four-foot tall bronze sculpture of a defiant young girl was installed across from Wall Street’s Charging Bull sculpture. Posed by feminists as a symbol of the strength of women in leadership roles, bulls across the United States say the statue is yet another symbol of the enslavement of bulls by humans. “Bulls have been held at the mercy of humankind for too long,” said Matador Bullman, president of the Center for the Liberation of Bulls, Cows and Enslaved Cattle. “Also, we would literally trample that poor, idiot girl. Where are her parents?” Bull-rights activists have been upset about the sculpture Charging Bull since its installation in the Manhattan financial district in 1989. The sculpture, they say, uses bull stereotypes to create message of masculine aggression. “Also, didn’t anyone notice that the girl is white? Not to make comment on human-rights issues, but is this not another moment of ‘White Feminism’?” – CQ

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