Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Modern Art Created by Extraterrestrials


PORTLAND, ME – A new poll from RTW Reports this week purports that 85% of Americans believe that the majority of modern art, created between 1890 and 1970, was created by the hands of extraterrestrial beings. “Our findings are consistent with previous research into the beliefs of the American people, but show that these beliefs have become more prominent in the past five years,” said Jameson McAvoy, Head of Analytics at RTW. “This is likely why the art market has seen such an increase in values of modern art in the past decade.” Among those who do not believe that modern art was primarily the work of our spacey-wacey overlords, a mere one-third believe the art is the work of humans. “Two thirds of this group believe that modern art is the direct result of a heavenly battle of wits between Jesus Christ and the Holy Prophet Muhammad. That’s actually what I believe. It makes a lot of sense to me.” – CQ

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