Sotheby’s auction battle takes too long, artwork deteriorates


LONDON – An artwork by famed artist Eva Hesse completely deteriorated on stage last night after an auction battle outlasted the life of the materials of the artwork. A representative for the billionaire Warren Buffet and an anonymous bidder from Japan have been bidding on the piece over the course of fourteen years, and the artwork has slowly turned to dust. The work in question was a test for Hesse’s 1968 installation piece Contingent (pictured), made of silicon and cheese cloth. “Modern artists are known for their innovative use of materials, as demonstrated in Hesse’s fleshy works utilizing silicon and fibers”, said Samantha McCredy, chief conservator at the University of London Museum of Art. “While this makes for intellectually captivating works of art, certain materials, like silicon, simply don’t last for more than a few decades.” Warren Buffet ultimately won the auction and has donated the work to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. When asked to comment on the tragedy, Buffet said: “Who in tarnation is Eva Hesse?” -CQ

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