Child of parent whose kid could do that surprises everyone, actually does


NEWPORT, CT – Local child, 4 year old Shane Davis, has astonished everyone by becoming a talented, intellectually rigorous Abstract Expressionist. Shane has loved painting since he was only two, but last month he and his family took a trip to New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. There Shane’s mother said of Jackson Pollock’s One: Number 31 (1950): “This is art? My kid could do that.” Taking this as a challenge, Shane began the intense process of becoming an artist: He has read more than 300 books on subjects ranging from art theory to the psychology of color; he has attended dozens of conferences engaging in conversation and debate with experts and connoisseurs; and, most importantly, he has spent countless hours every night in his bedroom studio experimenting with color and the texture of paint.

“Davis’s work is incredible”, said Andrea Bordeaux, head of the Department of Modern and Contemporary Paining at Christies. “His understanding of line, texture and color are unprecedented in an artist his age. His work straddles the precipice between childhood naiveté and the psychological emptiness of parental neglect.” Mommy, How are Babies Made (2017), Shane Davis’s most celebrated work, is to be sold later this month at Christies New York and is expected to reach $475,000-$550,000. -CQ

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